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Ever rocking his awesome green Primary shorts, $16.

Primary is a brand new (they launched yesterday!!) online clothing shop for kids where everything is $25 or less.  Our good friend, Galyn Bernard and Christina Carbonell, two moms and business whizzes were fed up with not being able to find cute, quality, affordable kids clothing for their children, so they made them. Lucky for us, they have offered them to the world with Primary!  And lucky for us and our readers, if you order by May 15th, you will receive free shipping (no minimum required!).  Just use the code “firestonesisters” at check out.  Thanks, Primary!

Mary asked Galyn, cool mom to cool mom, a few questions about motherhood, business, balance and vacations away.  Here’s what went down:

MF: 1. You are a mother of two and have an exciting new business.  I find myself really working hard to create balance and time as a mother, a businesswoman, a wife, a friend and just time for me!  How do you find your balance?  Do you have a set schedule every week?  Does it tend to change?  A nanny you love?  Help from family?  Friends?  School?
GB: I really appreciate tangible progress and so like to think about the baby steps as much as I do the long-term plan. And I try to check in with myself every now and again to make sure I am doing what makes me happy. I think that is so important. We have a reasonably set schedule, but it also changes all the time! (Hence “reasonably” set.) We have an awesome nanny, who is incredibly flexible and understanding and accommodating. I love my friends to death – we don’t see each other enough (but when we do it feels like we all still live together), but have been trying to be better. We recently instituted a standing monthly dinner because planning around everyone’s busy schedules is way too complicated. Any opportunity to simplify is a very good thing.
2.  What do you do just for you each week?
In general, I am not great at this. I sort of go through phases. I think my favorite was when I was committed to exercising for at least 30 minutes every day (it was warm then and I was literally just running up and down the driveway before the kids got up, but I felt amazing). Right now, I am letting myself go to bed when I am tired!
3.  What’s your best vacation you’ve ever been on with the kids?  Where did you stay?  What did you do?
We rented a house on Bald Head Island (NC) a couple summers ago and it was awesome. There are no cars on the island and we were all so happy traveling by golf cart. There was a perfect beach club – maybe they are all perfect? – but being able to go back and forth between the ocean and the pool, with lunch and an occasional cocktail in between, was dreamy. We went to a really fun “howl at the moon party” which was basically a huge dinner picnic on the beach. Where everyone just started howling when the moon started rising above the horizon. It was super cool, and I got a great Christmas card pic there – huge bonus. The weather was perfect!
4.  Your best vacation without the kids?
We have had a couple great long weekends in New Orleans. The food is so amazing and of course the music is so much fun too. There is something about drinking during the day that feels so indulgent and happy. I think I especially enjoy non-kid vacations when we are doing something I know they wouldn’t like (for instance staying out late and sleeping in!)
5. The hardest part about motherhood?  The best part about motherhood?
For me, the hardest part is related back to your question about balance. I know that at any given point in time, I am not doing everything well, and that doesn’t feel great. But I try to keep the pendulum in mind – where sometimes I am most focused on the kids, but sometimes I also have to really focus on work.
There are so many best parts! But I think watching these kids grow into little wonderful people is my most favorite. They are so curious and thoughtful and learning so fast. Their relationship is also incredibly special – they are so in sync with each other’s feelings, it is pretty magical.
Thanks, Galyn!  We’re so proud of you and inspired by you.  And Ever is going to never look better thanks to Primary!  Look out ladies. xoxox