Every time I see her she’s got new fancy clothes”:  Daria’s guide to looking cute and cool at music festivals and concerts.

Daria has been working as a stylist for over a decade. She divides her time between her two favorite cities: Los Angeles and New York.

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In the latter part of the 90s a close girlfriend from college married the band PHISH’s Chiropractor who toured with the band. I remember whining to a friend at the time that I had to go to a Phish show to see her because she was always on tour and had a family now.  Two shows in I became hooked. Roughly 100 shows later I have mastered the comfort and coolness one can bring to music festivals and believe me jam band junkies are in need of some serious schooling in this department!


As a slave to fashion I always try to turn up the cool and step away from the running shoes although avoid uncomfortable choices that get in the way of a good time (must wear dancing clothes!!). Not to say sneakers are out, they just have to be fly! I also wear boots a lot to avoid getting stepped on but then they have to get cleaned after (and also waterproofed before).  Tip: Do yourself a favor and find a great cobbler! Cleaning and resoling shoes is the best investment.


I never miss a New Years show and they are often in New York City so it’s super cold outside and a hotbox inside.  Obviously you need to look swank since it’s the fashion capital of world and most likely you will be going out pre and post show.  When delayering inside you need to make sure your clothes do not fall on the ground because they will get covered in beer and stickiness. Tip: Bring an XL large Ziploc bag you can stuff all your layers in and zip it up for full protection and leave on your seat or if possible under and you will have dry clothes at the end of the show.


Your bag is probably the most important accessory. This year my friend at Coach talked me into using one of her cross body bags. It has made it to over 10 shows with me and is a solid accessory that can be transformed into a belt style bag when I really want to get down and dance!

Last but not least…

Manage your buzz level. When partying all day avoid brown liquor (you know who you are).  Any cool outfit can be ruined if you don’t keep yourself hydrated and not too wasted ladies! Nobody wants to hang out with a tweaker by the speaker….