From top: Somerset & The First; Mary (l) wearing BLQ dress and Jen’s Pirate Booty kimono, and Lucy (r) in Figue; The First; Ready to spritz; The First; samples of The First; cousins!!; Men behind the women, Napper Tandy and cousin, Andrew Firestone; with Jenny Schatzle; with Sam Wennerstrom; man behind the women and Somerset, Hayden Felice; gorgeous friends and cousin Ivana; wine, wine, wine; The First; with photographer and pal Valorie Darling; sales!; and more perfume!

A month later we are still basking in the glow of toasting the launch of our signature aromatherapy based scent, The First, with friends and family.  There was such love, a lot of clinking glasses, and much spritzing in the magical garden at Somerset in Santa Barbara!  What a way to launch this perfume, summer and life up in Santa Barbara.  Cheers and thanks!! xoxox