We love our wine!  Especially a sparkling wine.  A festive glass of bubbles makes any occasion feel more celebratory and special, all the more reason to pop some bottles over the holidays.  If you are like us, although we love it, we find ourselves staring at the shelves of wine bottles wishing we could actually remember pertinent information our father, Hayden or wine enthusiast friends have shared over the years about specific varietals and years….  Alas!  Especially when presenting said bottle as a gift, it is so much more interesting to bring a bottle more exotic than the usual Veuve Clicquot (which we love, but it is expected and safe).

Enter Lu’s new mom friend, Hana Lee.  Hana Lee writes a blog all about wine and travel called Wander and Wine.  She is a Certified Specialist of Wine and Sommelier which means she really, really knows her wines!

Luckily she just wrote an article for Winecountry’s blog dedicated to what sparking wines to drink this holiday season.  Click here to read.  No more standing blankly in front of the shelves at the liquor store, friends!  We are armed with our bubbly shopping list. xox