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Yes, I did just refer to myself as cool!  Staying cool as a mom takes some effort in my opinion.  There is a lot more going on with a little person (or two or three or more?!) in one’s life.  Especially as a mother.  It takes help!  From family, from a nanny, from daycare/preschool– these are the tent poles.  But then there’s everything else!  How not to fritter your time away on anything that is not delightful and meaningful to YOU (and yes that does include taking time to get a manicure or whatever self care errand you did pre-baby without even thinking about it!).

One thing I really do not love doing is going to the grocery store.  I always forget something, it’s always an inconvenient time when I remember I have to go, whatever….  Some of my other cool mom friends order from Amazon Fresh and Yummy.  I have done both but my new obsession is Good Eggs!  I love this company.  They essentially shop the best of the Farmer’s Markets for you and bring it right to your door.  They are helpful and friendly and I now order delicious prepared foods (they have tons of organic, vegan, etc) options as well as fresh produce, milk, eggs– whatever I need.  I order a bunch of delicious and healthy ready made soups, noodles and salads (love the lentils!) for Ever so we always have something good for him to eat.  Delivery is free on any order over $30. I LOVE them.

Please share your tips for staying a cool mom!  We’re all in this together! xoxo