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Terra Dispirito is our hair guru! Hair is her passion and her very limited free moments (she is a mother of an 18 month old son) are literally spent watching hair videos and researching hair products. Since we have been seeing Terra (for almost 2 years) the health of our hair has improved drastically- it is thicker and longer than ever before.

So, as it is the end of the Summer and our hair is feeling dry and straw-like from chlorine, salt water and heat, we consulted with Terra on how to get the healthy shine and luster back!

Terra recommends going to a stylist and getting a clarifying treatment to strip out all of the build up and then doing a deep nourishing professional mask.  If you can’t get to the salon and are feeling a lot of build up in your hair, here’s her at-home option:

1. Rinse your hair with equal parts apple cider vinegar and water to remove build up and then

2.  Apply L’Oreal’s Absolute Repair Masque and leave it on for at least 7 minutes before rinsing.  By the way, Terra loves L’Oreal’s whole Serie line.

Also, as we are enjoying our last weeks of Summer, Terra can not stress enough that sunblock is a must for your hair! She loves Alterna’s Bamboo Beach line.  Smells great, gives you perfect beachy-tousled hair, conditions, and protects your hair against UV rays!

Thank you Terra!

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