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Taryn Toomey’s the class is all the rage in NYC with fans such as Christy Turlington and Naomi Watts.  Lucy got to check it out a few months ago and we’re both signed up to go during upcoming visits to NYC.  Lu wrote about her mind/body altering experience here.  What is the class?

the class is a 75-minute cathartic mind-body experience, working every muscle from the ground up.  there are no weights, no props, it is just you and your body. 

the class is as much, if not more, for the mind and clearing as it is for the physical body.  targeted muscle-sculpting moves are mixed with bursts of cardio, challenging your body and building an intense fire that transforms every muscle group. throughout the entire class, your heart is pumping, your muscles are screaming and change is happening.

Taryn is popping up in LA for only three days, reserve a spot now as they will sell out for absolute sure.  We asked Taryn a few burning questions….

1. You’re popping up in LA for three days.  Any plans on opening a studio out here in LA?  Say yes!! 

We’re testing the waters and coming up with ideas to make the class more accessible for students outside of New York. But to be more direct, if we were to expand, the next stop would be LA.

 2. You are a mother and a have a kick ass body and business.  How do you balance it all? 

Not well. I literally have half the head of hair that I had a year ago. That said, I try to compartmentalize -set specific hours for business, for family, for TT. And within that, there is space for fluidity and change. On the whole, I try to shut down work mode when I’m with the kids and be present for each part of my life.

3.  How does the class tackle getting your body back after baby?  Particularly the tummy!

‘the class’ is really about balancing the physical body – strengthening the muscles, while burning fat, and releasing tension that has been accumulated in the mind and body with the need to “do it all.”

4.  Where’s your favorite vacation spot with the kids?  Without?

I just got back from Disney and I can’t believe I’m saying it – but it was magical. My kids were in heaven and because of that, so was I. And I felt like a little kid again too. I don’t really vacation without my kids – the only vacation without them was to see My Morning Jacket in Mexico with my husband. Considering that is the only time we’ve gone solo, I guess that’s it!

5.  Hardest part about motherhood?  Best part about motherhood?

Best: feeling the most immense level of love for another human being that you never knew was possible. Hardest: sleep, or lack thereof. Mother’s guilt that never seems to wain even when you know you’re doing your best.  Finding balance.

6. How do you keep your energy so balanced, effortless and inspiring? Lucy’s not a mom yet and still has weeks where she feels sluggish and drained. What do you do when your feeling like that? Any tips you can share would be greatly appreciated!

I build the perfect playlist which includes my second husband chris martin and drink a lot of wine! not really – on a serious note, those feelings of sluggishness are what we talk about moving OUT of your body. so when you FEEL extra sluggish and drained you have a choice. let that sit in your body and accumulate which leads to stagnation.  OR MOVE IT OUT with movement, sweat and endorphins. make sure you are drinking so much more water then you think and be around people who make you laugh your face off.