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We are still basking in the radiance that was created and stoked last week on our Wild Precious Life Retreat at the Ojai Valley Inn and Spa!  Joined by nine incredible women, we were a group of 13 with our two leaders Naada and Gianna.  This felt lucky indeed as we were both born on the 13th, as was our mother and on a universal level, 13 is actually the number associated with the Goddess and the Divine Feminine! 

The Retreat was a balanced and celebratory culmination of all that we write about on our blog and what we feel brings us peace and joy– that is our mission with the Retreats, to share our discoveries and bring together communities of women to inspire, support and grow.  We started the day with a decadent breakfast buffet followed by an Opening Ceremony and workshop with Naada Guerra on,  “Manifesting from the Divine Feminine.”  Afterwards, we had cold pressed juices and snacks before moving onto our next workshop with Gianna de la Torre on, “The Power of Cultivating Your Intuition.” The afternoon was free for retreatees to get spa treatments, relax by the pool, get individual sessions with Naada and Gianna, nap, whatever they wanted.  Late afternoon, several of us joined Gianna for an hour of Goddess Yoga outside under the trees with the breeze.  The retreat wrapped up with a Closing Ceremony, cocktails and a celebratory dinner under the stars!

It was an incredible time and we are so inspired and invigorated by all of the strong, smart, fun, open women who made the retreat what is was.  Thank you for sharing your light and love with us!

Look out for our Aspen Retreat sign up that will be available this week!!  October 10-13 at The Little Nell in Aspen, Colorado.  xoxox