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Tulum is definitely a special spot for us! Balmy, bountiful boho chic at it’s best.  It was the perfect way to break up the long trip back to LA from the East Coast. 2.5 hours from Washington DC and 4 from LA.  While we have been to Tulum a couple of times, it is definitely more bustling than it was six years ago.  We revisited some old favorites and made some new discoveries.


Posada Margherita remains our absolute favorite place to eat and drink. Not only are their cocktails skillfully crafted and delicious (don’t miss the Mark Dillon or Pot Revolution), the food is the best we have had outside of actually being in Italy. We can’t resist their Shrimp pasta with zucchini and tomato and their Aqua Pazza, simply cooked local white fish with tomato.  The decor couldn’t be more quaintly beach chic and there is nothing like enjoying an amazing dinner steps from the sand and crashing waves.

We managed to get into the much buzzed about Hartwood, the Gjelina of Tulum  (those of you that live in LA will appreciate this reference). We waited at a busy, yet pleasant bar for a little while and then were seated and enjoyed a good dinner with generous portions of octopus, grouper, and snapper. The food and drinks were good and it’s a vibrant scene.

We also tried Hechizo, the relatively new restaurant pretty much as far south down the beach as you can go at Rancho San Eric. The physical setting of the restaurant is beautiful – where the jungle meets the sand – and we were enjoying our table outside with a perfect view of the full moon over the ocean until we were forced inside by rain. The food was very good, especially the pasta with truffles, but we would have loved a little more natural ambiance in the restaurant.  Nothing dimmer lighting and a couple candles couldn’t fix.

Two of our favorite dinners we enjoyed at tour villa and were prepared by Chef Rocio Norzagaray. Both meals, or should we say feasts, were decadent and delectable and it was so nice to not have to go anywhere. Cost effective for a large group as well!

For after dinner fun (when we could keep our eyes open!), we enjoyed drinks at Gitano Tulum, a stylish outdoor club and mezcal bar that crafts a tasty cocktail.


For our large group which included baby Ever (1.5 years) and our father, we opted to rent a villa through Luxury RetreatsVilla Miramar is lovely with a pool and a friendly and helpful staff.  The only thing that would have made it better would have been more of a beachfront location- it is on a dramatic rocky mini-cliff over the ocean.  You can climb down some rocky coral to get to the small beach of Diamante K which offer great swimming, but it is not the huge expanse of beach we love in Tulum.  Other properties to check out are Be Tulum (no kids), Ahua (beautiful rooms yet very boho reception/dining area and clientele when we were there) and Sanara (new and modern).


Aside from beaching, we spent an afternoon snorkeling in the miraculous Dos Ojos cenotes — underwater caves.  You will feel like you are in Goonies and Indiana Jones!  Awesome indeed.  Opt for the wet suit.  Before our cenote adventure, we had an incredible lunch of fresh ceviche and grilled fish at Chamico on a somewhat deserted and out of the way beach called Solimon Bay– the super fance Jashita hotel is also on this bay.  Note that Jashita and Chamico are about 20 minutes north of a Tulum proper and Dos Ojos is also about a 20 minute drive north.


Luxury Retreats organized incredible well trained (CPR, etc.), bilingual nannies for our evenings out and cenote adventure through Kangaroo Babysitting Crew.  Sure they are all wonderful, we particularly loved Aime (Amy) Vargas.  Highly recommended!

We had a fantastic time and are thrilled to be returning in May for our Wild Precious Life Spring retreat!  Join us!!  xoxoxo