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We learned to meditate several years ago — for three to four early mornings one week, we went to the Venice bungalow of Christian and “learned” Vedic meditation.  Yes, the kind that David Lynch has made famous and that the Beatles practiced.  We have kept up our meditation practice until the last few months– having an infant who demands attention first thing in the morning has been a challenge for Mary’s morning meditations, and frequent travel and a busy schedule has made it hard for Lucy to keep up her practice.

So!  We were delighted to be invited to an opening soiree for unplug meditation studio last week. Unplug is a sleek, clean, tranquil space in West LA dedicated solely to meditation.  Started by Suze Yalof Schwartz, a fashion magazine maven for decades, unplug is her passion project.  Suze, calling herself a spiritual entrepreneur (love that!), wanted to learn meditation in 2012 and couldn’t find a place that suited her schedule, needs and aesthetic.  Unplug is her answer to that void- a meditation studio for hyper scheduled, busy Angelenos– the ones who need meditation most!

Drop in guided meditation classes (30 or 45 minutes) are offered throughout the day, everyday and tomorrow through Sunday (April 15-20th) they are free!!  Now is your chance to see what the meditation fuss is all about.  Take it from us, it will drastically improve the quality of your mind, body and spirit!

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