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Nothing says Vegas like 11 ladies at a Britney Spears concert reclaiming the enthusiasm of 1999, when Britney first broke onto the scene.  While we basked and bounced in our own excitement, Britney herself appeared to be over it, or perhaps over the 100 show commitment she made to Vegas over the next two years.  The concert was definitely an impressive visual spectacle, yet Brit herself seemed to dial it in… Alas, it’s hard to be a peppy pop star forever, but seeing her live with a spirited crew, was the perfect kick off to our celebratory evening.

And celebrate we did.  On the dance floor. Thankfully the dance floor was outside in the balmy, breeze at XS to famed DJ David Guetta.

I’d say we had a night that any 20 year-old would be proud of.  Thankfully we’ve matured in other ways: a cabana at the pool (personal space is key in Vegas), a lovely dinner at Lavo, and nice rooms at The Venetian!

My version of Vegas at this stage in the game: A.  One night only B. Dig deep in the closet for that dress that is just too short, tight, and shiny for anywhere else C. Dance like no one is watching and D. Have (at least) one cocktail too many.

Thank you for a lovely weekend Sin City.