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The Strip; a boa made out of “money” on Halloween; wearing a vintage Versace jumper that was my mother’s with my partner in crime, Hayden; at the show; and the stage. 

I never hoped, dreamed or even contemplated 3 nights in Vegas.  24 hours has always been my preference with 36 hours being my max. Yet somehow, this past Halloween weekend I managed to burn the midnight oil three nights in a row and had the time of my life doing it.  Yes, I did see Phish 3 nights in a row, another thing I never anticipated doing especially now that I am comfortably in my 30s, but hey sometimes we have to be open to the fun and unexpected surprises and dance while doing it!

The Details:

Stayed at MGM Grand

Ate at Hakkasan; drinks at Pub 1842; The Henry at the Cosmo for brunch

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