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We are so sick of our closets and the same old tried and true outfits we seem to always wear.  Cut to inviting over stylist friend Daria Maneche to go through Mary’s closet!  Daria is ruthless in a good way, “Oh you can get rid of that!” and then uncovers gems that have been lying in wait of discovery.  So I now have a box full to send to my friend Nancy Davis ( who has an eBay store that has made me almost a thousand dollars selling clothes, shoes and jewelry that no longer work for me.

OK, back to Daria!  Not only does she uncover these gems, she put together a whole series of outfits I never would have thought to assemble.  I feel re-inspired by my wardrobe and can save on not having to hit the shops!  We went shopping in my own closet.

The above look is what Daria came up with in answer to the question, what to wear when you want to make and impression without looking like you tried too hard.  I’m wearing vintage (have had them for years!) Devon Baer pants with newer Zara heels, an old Veda navy leather jacket and a newer top by Bellerose.

Daria is now available for personal styling– book her quick before Lucy and I monopolize her in our closets!!

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