photos by Nicole Berry

We’re still basking in the glow of our latest Wild Precious Life Retreat!  Hosted at the sublime Ritz Carlton Half Moon Bay perched above the Pacific Ocean on cliffs that look like Scotland but are really just 45 minutes from San Francisco, the Ritz was the perfect luxurious cocoon for our retreat.  


Even though this was our 10th retreat (!!), and we know that magic will happen as it always does, we are still in awe of how the perfect people come together to create it.  This retreat was focused on manifesting — clearing what isn’t working to make space for creating all that we desire. We invited Lauren Roxburgh and Dr. Jennifer Freed to lead sessions that were both empowering and inspiring.  


Lauren Roxburgh is a fascia expert who works to get us into greater physical alignment to be more aligned in the rest of our lives.  She also works with NBA stars and movie stars…. On the retreat Lo led us in foam rolling sessions that we immediately felt the results of– legs felt longer, saddlebags were sore, and hearts felt more open. She also gave us an education on the pelvic floor which we are excited to read more about in her new book coming out this month– get your copy of The Power Source and receive a month free in her online studio.  


Dr. Jennifer Freed is a psychological astrologer who uses your unique birth chart to help you harness your potential.  She led sessions on where different planets are in our astrological charts and what that means for us.  We focused on the planet Venus, how you attract things, and the planet Mars, how you get things done. It was powerful, playful and cathartic.  Jennifer also led us in a dream analysis workshop which was profound and healing. Also a regular goop contributor, Dr. Freed has a new book called, “Use Your Planets Wisely,” coming out soon.


For all of the magic we created in the group, the Ritz provided such a nurturing and luxurious setting for us– fluffy white beds with views of the ocean, bath salts and robes for enjoying a soak in the tub, decadent and nutritious food and drinks throughout the day and night, healing spa treatments- they allowed every need to be met so that real  transformation could occur!


Retreat guests received gift bags loaded with delightful goods from Medicine Mama, Parker Clay, Toad & Co., Collective Laboratories, Hush & Hush, Youth Theory, Conscious Water, Dr. Freed’s book, Peace Q, Lauren’s travel size foam roller, a Firestone Sisters journal and a bottle of The Feminist wine by Sonja Madeveski of Casa Dumetz.  Everyone was also gifted a travel size bottle of our Wild Precious Life: The First perfume as a sensory anchor back to the magic of the retreat!  


We are so inspired by the magic that was created and are working hard on planning the next Wild Precious Life retreat for this fall!  Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Instagram to be sure you receive updates and an invitation. We can’t wait to retreat with you! xoxo