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Last Friday one of our fave websites, Gwyneth Paltrow’s goop, posted an article on our great friend and intuitive, Jill Willard!  Great minds think alike.  Or rather minds are quieted and intuitions are honed and refined thanks to Jill’s otherworldly guidance!  That’s what we love about Jill, unlike most “intuitives” we have met, Jill is all about encouraging and steering her clients to tap into their own intuition– to be their own best guide– which is one of our Firestone Sister mantras.

We asked Jill some burning questions to help us connect more fiercely with our intuition:

FS: How do we know when to release something or someone that we think with our heads we really want?  A job, a lover, a house, a baby?  How can we tap into our intuition to know if who and what we are pursuing is in our highest and best good?  So that we’ll achieve the happiest life possible!

JW: Often, once you have practiced using your intuition on simple things, relationships start to become clearer as well. That said, I believe we can understand when a relationship is completed by two key things.

One the signs.

Two, is our body’s response to situations or thoughts.  Do you feel a feeling of ease when you are in a relationship, going to meet someone, communicating with a person?

Signs, signals, serendipity and synchronicity are our greatest allies to understand our path and our relationships. Our minds can get a bit too involved and we can completely miss or misread great signs in our path yet if we are more conscious of our thoughts and what feels like a gut feeling, we are on the path to know when a relationship is done and when it is thriving. I truly believe signs come from higher consciousness and the universe; they are always spot on! So opening up our being (and third eye) can help us read signs more clearly.

Another tool is clearing out noise and sometimes even comfortable voices. It is a great tool to go outside and wander. This time often let’s both signs and honest thoughts rise. If we are prone to thinking then a clean meal and quiet time (with a mantra if needed) can help. Sometimes we are lead by outside voices and opinions and in the end, only we know where a relationship stands for us.

Yes we all enter relationships to learn and grow; to evolve. Yet there can be a tendency in our culture to ‘stick it out’ when in fact we are no longer enjoying a certain energy exchange or intimate relationship. The key is to pay attention to our body and it’s responses. Did we have a pit in our stomach, did we convince ourselves that the time was more fun then it was, do we have a headache? Is our body tense? Or do we feel energized and/or content? Even coveted?

It often shows that when a relationship is complicated then the energy exchange, lesson or joy (!) is lost. Contrary to some of our culture’s beliefs and our family dynamic/heritage, relationships do not need to be dramatic, drastic or complex. True, the older we get the more layers and connections there can be, but if we can still find stillness and happiness in a relationship then there is something still to exchange.  Asking ourselves questions like ‘is this a friend or a true romance’ or ‘is this a safe, thriving relationship?’ can help us decipher information and also tells the universe you are looking for answers.

Knowing when a relationship is done can truly be a feeling in our gut. Listen. If we are confused ask our higher self/God/the fates for direction. Pay attention to that comes after! Honoring what is in our gut and voicing that truth is the best for both people involved.

– Jill Willard

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