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While we didn’t get to enjoy the poolside Zeel massages at our latest Wild Precious Life retreat in Malibu a few weeks ago, our guests certainly did! And we knew what a delightful offering it was as we’re no stranger to the Zeel massage. Zeel offers massages at your own house on demand– literally download the app, request a massage at your preferred time as well as your preferences on type of massage and gender of therapist, and boom! A licensed, well vetted masseuse shall arrive at your door.  It’s like Uber for massage.

We are big believers in massage, not only for the physical benefits of removing toxins from the body, but also for the mental and emotional release.  The world seems to be speeding up so taking time for self care,  slowing down and receiving is more important now than ever.  Zeel makes prioritizing yourself easy as it is affordable with massages starting at $99 for 60 minutes and you also don’t have to leave the house and deal with the untherapeutic issues of driving and parking! For parents, like Mary and Napper, it’s nice to book two back to back massages and take turns playing with the kids while the other recharges and relaxes.  Trust us, this makes for a better parent and a better partner!  For couples sans enfants, book a couples massage.

We also love that the finances are taken care of through the app so there’s no groggy fumbling with cash or check book when you’re in post massage bliss out mode.  Speaking of finances, enter our very own special promo code FIRESTONE to receive $25 off your first Zeel massage!  You’re welcome!